Top Hotels on Langkawi Island

Langkawi is continuously growing and becoming one of the most sought after island getaways in Malaysia for both international and domestic tourists alike.  This stems from many different factors.  One of which is definitely the wide selection of things to do on the island. Unlike tiny islands, Langkawi has a healthy mix of duty-free [...]

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Oriental Village and the Langkawi Cable Car

The Oriental Village is one of the known attractions on the Malaysian island of Langkawi.  The name might lead you to believe that it is an old local community but the “Oriental Village” is first and foremost a commercial and recreational complex, designed to tickle the fancy of visitors to the island. [...]

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Discover Seven Wells Waterfall: A Must- See in Langkawi

The Malaysian island of Langkawi may be known for its beaches and its duty free status when it comes to alcohol and tobacco, but the island is also endowed with other marvelous natural attractions, and one of them is Seven Wells Waterfalls. As one of the three major waterfalls, the other two being Temerun [...]

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The Terrific Temerun Falls on Langkawi Island, Malaysia

When tourists hear about Langkawi Island, the first thing that often comes to mind is duty free shopping and world class resorts. With Malaysia having some of the heaviest taxes on alcohol in the world, it comes as no surprise that domestic and foreign tourists seek refuge in Langkawi to enjoy their cold beer [...]

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