5 Remarkable Modes of Transport Found in Asia

1.The Jeepney (Philippines) A traditional jeepney in massive metro Manila, Philippines. For a mere 8 peso (approximately 25 cents) you can cruise the wild streets of Manila on the iconic Jeepney.  One of the things that solidifies the Philippines as such a fascinating country to backpack through is [...]

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2 Innovative Techniques to Save Time on a Motorcycle

One of the rewarding things about travelling around the world is observing how different people from different cultures prioritize their own time.  For some people tasks such as wood carving and gardening are meaningful experiences where often minutes turn into hours.  For others, however, outdoor activities are simply a painstaking experience that [...]

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4 Unique Things to See on a Moto in Vietnam

One of the most challenging questions that western tourists have to answer when they are planning their first backpacking trip through South East Asia is, “Which countries should I visit during my 3 to 4 week vacation?” In most cases, Thailand is first on the list and this is often due to the fact [...]

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