10 Best Attractions to Visit in Europe With Family

In the realm of family travel, Europe stands as an enchanting treasure trove, offering a myriad of destinations that cater to the diverse interests and ages of every member. From ancient wonders that unveil the mysteries of the past to modern marvels designed to ignite the imagination, Europe’s family-friendly offerings are as diverse as the cultures that define the continent. 

This article highlights the ten best places to visit in Europe. These places allow families to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and dive into fascinating history. 

Venturing beyond conventional itineraries, we delve into iconic sites such as the timeless Acropolis of Athens, where the echoes of ancient civilizations resonate with both young and old.

Additionally, we explore the majestic Pena Palace, a symbol of architectural brilliance that beckons families to step into a world of fantasy. These two remarkable destinations encapsulate the essence of what makes family travel through Europe an extraordinary adventure.

As we navigate through this curated selection, our voyage will also encompass fairytale castles, vibrant amusement parks, serene natural wonders, and vibrant cultural hubs. 

Whether you’re seeking educational insights, thrilling adventures, or moments of tranquility, Europe’s family-friendly offerings promise an immersive experience that fosters togetherness, discovery, and wonderment.

1. Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Visiting the Acropolis of Athens is like going through a journey through time. This structure stands high on a hill and symbolizes the power once held by the old Western world. While here, check out Erechtheion with its Caryatid Porch, as well as the Propylaea entrance. You can’t leave Acropolis without exploring its iconic Parthenon.

The rocky hill of the Acropolis also offers a panoramic view of Athens City. The Acropolis truly is  a valuable historical site. During your visit, you can discuss with your children its rich history  and architecture. 

2. Pena Palace, Portugal

From a distance, Pena Palace looks like a palace straight out of a fairytale. The palace sits on top of the Sintra Mountains and features an architecture and design that combines Renaissance, Romantic, and Moorish influences.  

A visit to the Pena Palace can feel like a royal adventure as families go through the palace’s colorful and intricate chambers and rooms. The little ones will be especially delighted when they see the terraces, alcoves,  palace grounds, and sculptures. 

Pena Palace also features a vantage point where visitors can enjoy the sweeping landscapes around SIntra. Taking a family photo from this spot is a perfect way to remember your visit to one of the most iconic palaces in Europe. 

3. Disneyland Paris, France

In the heart of Europe, Disneyland Paris ushers families into a world of wonder where fantasy and reality merge. The magic of beloved characters, exhilarating rides, and captivating shows ignites the spirits of both young and old. 

The Sleeping Beauty Castle, an iconic centerpiece, serves as a hub for enchantment, surrounded by themed lands that house attractions suited for different age groups. 

From thrilling roller coasters to enchanting parades, Disneyland Paris guarantees smiles, laughter, and an enchanting sense of unity among families.

4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps transform into an expansive playground for families seeking adventure amid nature’s splendor. In the winter, pristine slopes invite skiing and snowboarding, while warmer months usher in a world of hiking, biking, and exploration. 

The alpine vistas, dotted with quaint villages, captivate travelers of all ages. The Swiss Alpine hospitality extends to children, ensuring that every family member enjoys a memorable experience against the backdrop of majestic mountain ranges.

5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Nature-loving families find paradise in Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site characterized by its cascading waterfalls and interlinked lakes.

This national park offers elevated wooden walkways that guide families through this breathtaking natural landscape. This adventure allows families to immerse themselves  in crystal-clear waters and  greenery. 

Boat rides across the lakes become cherished family moments, sparking conversations about the wonders of the natural world.

6. Rome, Italy

The eternal city of Rome beckons families with its rich history and iconic landmarks. The Colosseum’s grandeur, the awe-inspiring ruins of the Roman Forum, and the majestic Pantheon inspire awe and curiosity among young explorers. 

A visit to the Vatican City offers an educational journey, allowing families to marvel at the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica and the captivating Vatican Museums. The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, adorned by Michelangelo’s masterful brushstrokes, unveils the magnificence of artistic accomplishment to young and adult eyes alike.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh’s historic charm and vibrant cultural scene create a dynamic canvas for family exploration. Stroll along the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile, where the blend of medieval and modern beckons. 

The interactive Camera Obscura fascinates with its optical illusions, while the Edinburgh Castle weaves tales of Scottish history and resilience. The city’s rich literary heritage comes alive for young readers through stories of wizards and detectives, fostering a love for imagination and storytelling.

8. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle sits on top of a  hill that overlooks the Bavarian countryside. Neuschwanstein Castle seems to be the inspiration of many Hollywood  fairytale movies. The romantic architecture and scenic surroundings provide families with a genuine glimpse into a storybook realm. 

As children tour its opulent chambers, they are transported into a world of fantasy and adventure. Carriage rides through the charming village of Hohenschwangau enhance the experience, allowing families to create magical memories together.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, with its unique blend of history and modernity, offers a family-friendly environment filled with engaging attractions. 

The Anne Frank House offers a poignant history lesson, inviting discussions on tolerance, human rights, and empathy. Interactive venues such as the NEMO Science Museum captivate young minds through hands-on experiences. 

The Artis Royal Zoo combines education with entertainment, allowing families to explore a diverse array of animal species while strolling through beautifully landscaped grounds.

10. Alhambra, Spain

The Alhambra, a pinnacle of Islamic architecture, enchants families with its intricate patterns, tranquil gardens, and historical significance.

Exploring the Nasrid Palaces, children can imagine themselves in a realm of opulence and intrigue. The Alhambra is not only an educational experience but also an opportunity for families to appreciate the beauty of Islamic art and design.

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