Singapore will impress you with its sleek skyline, magnificent infrastructure and innovative people. It is easily one of the most modern and sophisticated cities in the world. This small but mighty country is packed with tourist attractions and activities, not to mention it’s simply captivating at night. We give you this extensive collection of Singapore articles that highlights essential travel information and valuable tips. 

Discover how to travel Singapore the smart way! 

7 Ways to Save Money While in Singapore

For travelers, one important thing to know about Singapore is it can be an expensive city to travel in. In fact,  frequent travelers to Southeast Asia find it hard not to compare Singapore to its ‘cheaper’ neighbors like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The Merlion Statue - a symbol for Singapore DO NOT  let the cost of Singapore discourage you from visiting.  The city actually caters to a wide range of travelers with different budgets. If you wish to pamper yourself and stay in nice hotels in Singapore, you can definitely do that. But if you wish to do a budget [...]

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