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These are the two booking sites that we use for our worldwide travels. They are extremely reliable and offer excellent prices and the widest selection of rooms.  

We have been using them both for well over 10 years! 

Agoda® – “Asia’s Best Accommodation Site”

When it comes to the Asian region, Agoda®, is without question one of, if not the most popular online booking site. Whether you are traveling to Thailand or exploring remote islands in the Philippines this is the site to use. We use Agoda® for about 90% of our Southeast Asian travels.

Many of our followers from Europe and North America book exclusively with Agoda® when they are visiting Southeast Asia because they have so many different resorts, hotels and guesthouses to choose from with millions of authentic and verified guest reviews. Their website is first-class and it does an excellent job of integrating map tools into hotel searches to make it very easy to see the exact location of where you plan to stay. Based on our experience using Agoda® for the last 10 years as passionate travelers, it’s the top choice for hotels in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines and most of Southeast Asia. – “The best customer service in the industry” is the world leader when it comes to booking accommodations online. Why is it so popular? Well, first of all, it gets remarkably positive feedback from its users. Since seamlessly offers so many different payment options, there is a choice for everyone. If you book a room on you will often have the choice of selecting a 100% refundable room and have the choice to pay immediately at the time of booking or directly to the hotel when your stay has been completed. The freedom of choice that it offers its loyal users makes it definitely one of the most reputable sites for hotel bookings anywhere in the world today. If you plan to book a room in Canada, the U.S. or in Europe, it will be challenging to find a better hotel provider than as it offers a best-price guarantee and a massive selection of accommodation choices to select from. We have booked over 100 rooms over the last 5 years with


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