4 Ideas to Help You Save and Make Money While Traveling As a Digital Nomad

The idea of traveling the world is appealing to most people. Seeing the most beautiful beaches and experiencing different cultures in the world is something that not too many people will get to do in their lifetime. But digital nomads get to do it all the time. In fact, digital nomads have made traveling an entire lifestyle.

Living the digital nomad lifestyle is the act of traveling the world and making money through internet-based jobs. Internet-based jobs can be a number of things but some ways that digital nomads make money is by building an online store, working remotely for a company, and doing various freelance jobs… Those are the most common ways digital nomads earn money while they’re traveling

But the digital nomad life has a wide spectrum.  Some digital nomads go from one country to another without a permanent address, while others tend to travel for a certain period at a time before returning to a place they consider their home base. 

Perhaps you will most likely encounter information about how to make money as a digital nomad or how to save before your digital nomad travels but rarely do you see anything about earning and saving while traveling for shorter periods at a time.

To be fair, both ends of the digital nomad spectrum are very essential to achieving success as a digital nomad but that gray area of earning and saving while traveling is just as important.

Earning and Saving While Traveling

Earning and saving while traveling isn’t like a tourist going on vacation and saving $75 by staying at a not-so-pleasant hotel compared to the hotel you wanted to stay at… Remember, as a digital nomad, this is a lifestyle, so your efforts in earning and saving need to be beneficial for the long-term.

The thing to understand about traveling as a digital nomad is that it costs money. If you consider plane tickets, accommodations, food, transportation, and other personal travel expenses; it will all add up and can get a little expensive.

That’s why it’s so important to not only find lucrative ways to make money as a digital nomad but to also find ways to save your earnings as well.

One of the biggest reasons people adopt this lifestyle is because it gives them the freedom to travel all over the world. But with this kind of freedom, you do have the responsibility of disciplining yourself enough to work and earn money when you need to.

Others get skeptical about this lifestyle because they’re afraid of being in a foreign country and running out of money.

It’s understandable to have that fear.

BUT it’s also important to understand that if you have the right working and saving plan and you execute this consistently, you won’t have that problem to worry about.

If you’re considering living the digital nomad lifestyle, here are the 4 practical ways on how to not only make money but also save money during your travels:

4. Eat Like the Locals

According to Reader’s Digest, one of the biggest travel myths around is that street food isn’t safe and will make you sick. That’s definitely a myth that’s been debunked several times but there are still many travelers who believe it.

As a digital nomad, you want to experience the culture of your destination and one of the best ways to do that is by eating like the locals.

If you travel and only eat at tourist or chain restaurants, you’ll literally “eat your money” up. Talk to the locals and see where they eat. If you’re working as a house sitter, visit the local markets, like the seafood markets in South Korea, and try your hand at making an authentic dish… this is cost-effective and delicious!

3. Work As a House Sitter

Yes, house sitting is a real job… Just think of it like babysitting and replacing the baby with a house. As a  house sitter, your sole purpose is to watch a family’s home either while they’re on vacation or on some type of leave.

A lot of the time, this type of job doesn’t pay you in money but you’re being paid in free accommodations!

If you’ve ever traveled anywhere in the world then you know that paying for hotels is the most expensive part of a trip. Depending on where you are, hotels can run you over $200 a night, and to live as a digital nomad, paying $200 a night for a hotel room can eat up your entire savings!

In exchange for free-living arrangements, the homeowners typically ask for you to water plants, keep their house clean, and to take care of any pets they may have.

That’s not too bad of a payment and saving arrangement!

The awesome thing about this particular earning and saving method is that most homeowners have WIFI in their homes so you’ll not only get to stay there for free but you’ll also have internet access to work on your other digital nomad ventures. 

2. Take Advantage of the Free “Stuff”

They say some of the best things in life are free, and that is especially true when it comes to traveling and exploring your destination.

Depending on where you’re visiting, some of the most beautiful sites and tourist attractions don’t cost you a dime, unless you’re visiting Rome’s Trevi Fountain! Legend has it that you’ll want to toss three coins in the fountain to come back to Rome, find love, and get married!

Don’t underestimate the power of free entertainment… it will save you lots of money and you’ll have an incredible experience.

1. Work or Stay in a Hostel

Think of a hostel as an inexpensive hotel full of other travelers like you. Working in a hostel typically works in the same way as house sitting. In exchange for your hostel services, you’ll get free accommodation.

It’s also important to understand that some hostels aren’t like your typical 5-star hotels either but it is certainly a place to lay your head and save money, whether you’re just staying there or working there in exchange for free accommodation. 

A huge highlight in staying at hostels is that the majority of them have bars with affordable drink prices. And this can be the very thing you need when you’re wanting to have a good time but don’t want to spend too much money.


There you have it.. the 4 ways to help you save and make money while traveling as a digital nomad. They may seem simple but they ARE definitely effective tips on how to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle without the financial constraints.

Of course, you can always take this lifestyle to the next level and live more luxuriously once your digital business really takes off. And to that, we wish you all the success!

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