5 Reasons to Visit Cameron Highlands, Peninsular Malaysia

Located approximately 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands is an excellent weekend trip from the city. Sure there may be a few windy corners along the way, but it will be worthwhile when you bite into a freshly picked strawberry at 1,600 meters above sea level.

If you have spent considerable time in peninsular Malaysia, then you should be quite familiar with sticky back sweat, multiple showers per day and a scorching sun.

Whether you are a local or a tourist staying in Kuala Lumpur or another un-elevated region of the country, consider visiting Cameron Highlands.

But if you’re not convinced… 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit Cameron Highlands:

 5. You can enjoy gorgeous panoramic views.

View of Brinchang Town
View of Brinchang Town

If the ascent up to Cameron Highlands doesn’t provide enough striking vantage points for you to check out, then you are sure to get many more once you reach this scenic hill station.

The tea plantations and rustic towns in the area offer photographers plenty to capture.

A short walk through the town of Brinchang is a great idea way to check out the rolling landscape of the Cameron Highlands. Tiered gardens appear to flow seamlessly with the natural countryside of Brinchang.

4. You can find wide variety of butterflies and snakes at the Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm.

Beautiful butterlies can be observed at the Butterfly Farm
Beautiful butterlies can be observed at the Butterfly Farm

Just a few minutes northeast of Brinchang, you can find the Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm. Inside the complex, there is an enclosed butterfly aviary and an attached room containing exotic snakes and insects. It may not compare with other large scale zoos around the globe, but it is a worthwhile and affordable stop especially for families with small children.

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm Admission Costs: Adults: RM 5 and Children RM 3

3. You can sample freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

No shortage of fresh produce at Brinchang Market
No shortage of fresh produce at Brinchang Market

Strawberries, strawberries and even more strawberries can be found almost anywhere in Cameron Highlands – and for a good bargain!

But they aren’t the only thing that you can find at one of the local markets there. Fresh corn and potatoes are also available.  Consider purchasing some of the honey and other bottled products. You will not only get amazing cheap products but you will also be supporting the local farming community. That’s what we call a “win-win situation”.

If you want to burn a few more calories as you shop, why not pick your own fruit at one of the farms?

You will thank yourself after the trip when you compare the prices in Cameron Highlands to those at your local grocery store. Take advantage of one of the most agriculturally fertile regions in South East Asia.

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2. You can get to visit  stunning tea plantations.

The stunning Boh Sungei Tea Plantation Grounds
The stunning Boh Sungei Tea Plantation Grounds

Arguably the biggest tourist magnets in Cameron Highlands are the stunning tea plantations that you can visit.  The great thing about visiting a tea plantation is that they cater to range of tourist preferences.

The BOH Sungei Tea Plantation (Sungei Palas) for instance, arranges tours of the plantations. This complex is equipped with a shopping outlet, a café, and an exhibit which summarizes some of the historical achievements of BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd.

Photographers are sure to be satisfied with the undulating landscape filled with vibrant rows of green tea leaves.

1. You can enjoy the fresh, breezy cool air that Cameron Highlands is known for. 

Some unorthodox extra clothing layers in Malaysia
Some unorthodox extra clothing layers in Malaysia

Let’s face it – most tourists don’t head to Cameron Highlands to get a tan.  Instead, they enjoy trekking, sampling local market food and picking strawberries in very comfortable weather.

Cameron Highland’s cool temperature is welcomed change to Kuala Lumpur’s often warm and humid one.

When you see locals wearing sweatshirts and coats, you begin to appreciate the climate change. Word of caution however; if you plan to walk around at night bring a few extra layers because it can get quite chilly!

Strawberries growing near Brinchang in Cameron Highlands
Strawberries growing near Brinchang in Cameron Highlands

How to find the cheapest rooms in Cameron Highlands?

If you’re visiting Cameron Highlands then you will have a pretty wide range of rooms to choose from. Since it’s one of the ‘coldest’ places in Malaysia in terms of temperature, you will find many resorts and apartments that offer balconies to capture the comfortable climate and scenic views. During our trip there we stayed in Brinchang and we thought it was a pleasant area to stay with a nice local market nearby.

We used www.agoda.com to book our room but there are a few additional sites you might want to consider as well:

1.Agoda: This is arguably the largest room provider in Malaysia. Therefore, it’s a great site to look for rooms in Cameron Highlands with over 150 different properties listed at the time of writing. Here is a link to their rooms:

Rooms in Cameron Highlands

2. Booking.com: Great if you are planning well in advance, with superb cancellation policies and competitive prices.  It’s very popular with our European and North American readers. Here is a summary of their properties:

Rooms in Cameron Highlands

3. Hotelscombined.com: This is the best price comparison site we have found. Within seconds you can find the cheapest prices from the world’s top accommodation sites.  Here is a link to their comparison search feature:

Compare Room Prices in Cameron Highlands

Article Last Updated in May, 2018

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