5 Excellent Reasons to Visit Kathmandu, Nepal

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5 Excellent Reasons to Visit Kathmandu, Nepal

1- World Heritage (UNESCO Site) Extravaganza

With a whopping seven world heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley it is no wonder why Kathmandu ranks as one of the most historical cities in the world.  After a couple of hours exploring these stupas, temples and squares you will know exactly why visitors to Nepal are already planning their next trip before they finish their first one. Here are the UNESCO sites: the Buddhist stupas of 1) Swayambhu and 2) Bauddhanath, the Durbar Squares of 3) Hanuman Dhoka, 4) Patan and 5) Bhaktapur, and the Hindu temples of 6) Pashupati and 7) Changu Narayan.

 Feel free to check out the official UNESCO World Heritage website for additional information regarding these historical gems. Many of these UNESCO sites still have small hotels and guesthouses to stay in.

Bauddhanath, the famous Buddhist Stupa
Bauddhanath, the famous Buddhist Stupa

2- Wool, Cashmere and Pashmina

If you love shopping for textiles, then you will love Kathmandu. Cashmere, pashmina and wool scarfs seem to be everywhere throughout the Thamel tourist district in Kathmandu.  As you walk through the vibrant streets, be prepared to negotiate hard for the best available prices.  And it’s not like scarfs are the only thing for sale in Thamel.  A superb selection of winter jackets and outdoor sporting gear is also up for grabs.

Places to Visit: Kathmandu, Nepal
Textile salesmen in the heart of Kathmandu

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3- Great Food at Even Better Prices

Places to Visit: Kathmandu, Nepal
It doesn’t take long to figure out why Nepali food is so flavorful.

There is no shortage of restaurant choices in Kathmandu. Momo, otherwise known as mouth-watering Nepalese dumplings are something everyone must try before they leave Kathmandu. A mixture of vegetarian and meat momo sure goes down nicely after a long day trekking.  Whether you prefer steamed or fried, it will be difficult to order only one set once you experience the bursting flavour crammed into these tiny dumplings.  Tandoori chicken is also a fine choice.  At rock bottom prices you might be able to buy the whole bird.

4- Namaste Tourists

There is no shortage of locals near Durbar Square (Hanuman Dhoka) in Kathmandu.
There is no shortage of locals near Durbar Square (Hanuman Dhoka) in Kathmandu.
Of course Nepal is world famous for Mount Everest and world class trekking excursions, but don’t let that make you forget about the warm people that live in this mountainous region.  After only a few days in the Kathmandu you will surely know the true meaning of namaste.  The people in Kathmandu approach tourists with a smile and appreciate the tourist dollars. In particular, they love it when you compliment the beauty of their country.

5- Unique Modes of Transportation

Manila has the jeepney.  Bangkok has the tuk tuk and Kathmandu has the bemo.  If you want to check out a unique form of public transport, jump onto a bemo in Kathmandu.  Three-wheeled electric bemo’s are a great mode of transport for those who want to travel on a budget while reducing your carbon footprint.

Places to Visit: Kathmandu, Nepal
A three-wheeled electric bemo in downtown Kathmandu.

Where did we stay in Kathmandu?

During our trip to Kathmandu we were travelling as a group of 4.  Two of us stayed at famous Kathmandu Guest House, whereas two of us stayed at a guest house that is no longer open for business.  Since we have no direct affiliation with any of the properties in Nepal, we can provide unbiased opinions. Kathmandu Guest House ended up being a solid place to stay.  Since it’s located in the heart of Thamel (Kathmandu’s tourist area) it was very convenient for shopping and arranging day excursions.  At the time of writing it had a score of 7.4/10 based on 325 verified guest reviews.

How to find the cheapest room in Kathmandu?

Based on our experience visiting Kathmandu the best three options for finding hotel rooms for all budgets are booking.com, www.agoda.com and hotelscombined.com. Booking.com is massively popular around the world for cheap rooms with excellent refund options, whereas hotelscombined.com is largely regarded as the world’s best hotel price comparison site. Agoda.com has the largest selection in Kathmandu with the most verified guest reviews. I have created links to their respective property lists for Kathmandu to save you some time:

Rooms in Kathmandu – www.agoda.com

Rooms in Kathmandu – www.booking.com

Compare Room Prices in Kathmandu – www.hotelscombined.com

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