6 Best Things to Do in Dubai for Unforgettable Experiences

The new age Bedouins can dream of their fantasy destination taking shape in the golden sand dunes of Dubai.

Dubai has a lot of attractions to offer, and there are many things to do while in this UAE state. 

The enigma called future seems to unfold at the Museum of Future. Dubai seems to have become synonymous with luxury and grandeur because of hotels  like Burj Khalifa ,Burj Al Arab and Four seasons . 

The rustic charm of the desert gets enhanced as you meander the canal at Dubai Marina by Dhow Cruise Dubai. The untold yarns of the desert can be heard as you glide in Hot Air Balloon Dubai .Dubai being a desert has an amazing set of water themed parks and no one can miss the Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo where you get a chance to feed the big sharks of the aquatic life. 

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a wonderland of endless flowers. Explore Dubai with its swanky malls, the mysterious desert and abundance of thrilling adventures.

Here are the 6 Best Things to Do while in Dubai

1. Museum of Future

Dhow Cruise Dubai makes it possible for travelers to visit Museum of Future where mysteries of the future seem possible to be resolved. The museum wants to inculcate in young minds to progress in life with use of robotics and A.I.

 The design resembles a taurus which is aesthetically ornate with a poem about the future by Dubai’s ruler in  Arabic Calligraphy .The museum has seven floors  all dedicated to different exhibitions. The Museum of Future has three main components: the green hill, building and void. It is coined as the “living museum’ which displays traditional exhibitions and themed attractions.

Museum of Future has been acknowledged by the National Geographic as the 14th most beautiful museum in the world. It stands tall as pride of Dubai with a height of seventy seven meters and covers an area of 30,548 meters.


2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa stands at a towering height of 2,700 feet making it the tallest tower in the whole wide world. Burj Khalifa houses two observation decks, a fountain which is inspired by Las Vegas. The Dhow Cruise Dubai destination has the best restaurants .Missing Indian delicacies try Amal ,the Ristorante gives you taste of Italian cuisines.

If you are fan of Japanese cuisine try Hashi. The shopaholics get to shop with heart’s content at The Dubai Mall. The towering edifice is inspired by the Hymenocallis flower and the dome design is similar to Islamic architecture. The floors are arranged in a spiral formation which gives it the much needed sustainability against strong desert winds . 

The Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa is designed and developed by Giorgio Armani himself as well as Corporate Suites and a Lounge.  There are sky lobbies on the 43rd floor and swimming pools on the 76th floor. This is a multipurpose skyscraper which has around 900 residential apartments on the 108th floor.


3. Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise Dubai gives you an opportunity to sail in a traditional  wooden vessel which has a glass enclosed lower deck which is fully air conditioned and an open upper deck an ideal romantic option. The cruise showcases the night views of Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Creek is a vantage spot which attracts tourists for a memorable trip .As you float on the Dubai Creek enjoy a magnificent barbecue spread at the table. There is also a buffet with both vegetarian and non vegetarians options available. The cruise includes a three course meal which includes a Welcome drink, tea and coffee.

The trip takes around two hours and you get to enjoy a traditional Egyptian dance performance known as the Tanoura. The Dubai Marina is an artificial canal and one of the prestigious attractions where you get to  sail through waters encompassed by shimmering towers of Dubai.


4. Hot Air Balloon


A perfect endeavor to experience the Pearl of Gulf as you get carried away in a hot air balloon. This is your chance to float at the amazing height of four thousand feet above the ground. These flights take off early in the mornings as you watch the sun rising slowly over the horizon and brightening the day.

As your ride continues, simply gaze at the spectacular wildlife running wild in the desert. Witness an Arabian oryx or a gazelle from afar without causing any disturbance is an achievement in itself. Get the panoramic view of the desert from the comfort of the balloon’s basket . 

When you land, get welcomed by breakfast which is a buffet of delicacies. Get a chance to interact with the lovable natives and enjoy the amazing camel ride and feel like a Bedouin and enjoy rides in regal Land Rovers to reach the camps. Be all ears while safety instructions are being given and then board the basket.


5. Dubai Desert Safari

After the hot air balloon adventure, get the same exhilaration on land. The sea of sand is alluring with a few tricks up its sandy folds. Witness the serenity as the sun comes up slowly with full blazing glory. 

The desert safari can be enjoyed at both times of the day. In  the morning, you can venture into dune bashing on quad bikes or take a twenty minute ride across the desert in a 4by4 .

The Arabian experience is incomplete without a camel ride. Some  other enticing fun activities available on site are sand skiing and sand boarding.

As the day nears the end enjoy a barbecue meal under the star filled sky. Enjoy watching belly dance and smoke shisha. The aroma of henna is alluring and invites you to get those hands tattooed with beautiful Arabian designs.


6. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is the fixed address of thousands of marine life animals adding up to 140 species. With a capacity of ten million liters of water, get a view of over 400 sharks which include the Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Grouper and other marine species.

Wander through a forty eight meter tunnel as the aquarium encloses you from head to toe. Located on the third floor of the Dubai Mall it is one of the most amazing attractions which gets the visitors of all ages “hooked “. 

The second level of the aquarium tank has three different ecosystems where you can see creatures like the Giant Spider Crab, Otters and Piranhas. Watch the feeding wildness as divers attract the sharks with chum from a safety cage.

This is the visitor’s only chance to meet the King Crocodile, which weigh a record-breaking 750 kg. Discover the alluring marine world with its amazing householders.

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