Bantayan Island Rises Above Super Typhoon Haiyan

We eagerly planned our trip to Bantayan because of the many wonderful things that we heard about this island located west of the northern tip of Cebu Island.  In a proactive manner, we booked the trip six months before our planned arrival date to get great flight deals. We were expecting a trip to [...]

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The Beautiful Alice Beach of Bantayan Island, Philippines

The beautiful coconut fringed northernmost-portion of Alice Beach on Bantayan Island Alice Beach on Bantayan Island is ideal for budget travelers and/or travelling couples.  A walk up and down the beach will quickly demonstrate the frontier feel of the island. Fishing families with small children often run out on the beach to [...]

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How to Get to Bantayan Island from Cebu City

With over 7000 islands, it’s no wonder that tourist numbers in the Philippines have been significantly increasing over the last couple of years. With this most recent boom in visitors, finding accurate travel advice regarding where to go and how to get there is a common issue that tourists experience once they land in [...]

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