Climbing Broga Hill, Kampung Broga, Malaysia

Broga is a tiny town located around 45 minutes to an hour away from Kuala Lumpur in peninsular Malaysia. Although it is quite well known among locals, Broga Hill (or Bukit Broga in Bahasa) is the main attraction in this scenic region. If you are in Malaysia and you get tired of all the traffic jams and the horns consider spending a morning climbing Broga Hill.  It is a perfect day trip from the city to get some fresh air and some beautiful aerial views of the countryside. Here is a summary of my experience climbing Broga Hill.

The trails split along the way up to the peak of Broga Hill
The trails split along the way up to the peak of Broga Hill

I started climbing Broga Hill at about 5:30 am. On the way to the base of the hill I couldn’t help but notice that the parking lot was already over 50% occupied.  I began to think that sunrise at Broga Hill must be a sight worth seeing. The initial ascent up the Hill was not overly steep.  I could see that the trail was well packed with even stones showing noticeable signs of foot traffic leading up to the peak.  Moving briskly up the hill to catch the first glimpse of sunrise, I chose the emptiest sections of the trail.  This is one thing I really liked about climbing Broga Hill.  The main trail splits into smaller paths which enables faster hikers to deviate from the main path to pass larger groups and those taking their time.

The middle section of the climb became noticeably steeper than the initial section of the hill.  Also, some caution had to be taken with small cliffs on either side of the trail. As the sun continued to rise that morning, it became easier to avoid unexpected rocks and roots along the trail.  I think it’s only natural to pick up your pace as you progressively get closer to reaching the top of any hill or mountain.  Broga Hill was no exception.  Nearing the first peak of the Hill, I walked briskly using the ropes to balance my weight. This, in my opinion, was by far the most challenging component of the Hill. Expect to get challenged during the last 300 meters of the ascent up to the first peak.

The view from the second peak of Broga Hill
The view from the second peak of Broga Hill
Broga Hill with a view beyond
Broga Hill with a view beyond

After I was safely up to the tip of the first peak of Broga Hill, I was quite surprised by the number of people already up there. I turned around and took in the impressive panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. School groups, families, and solo hikers were also quite enthusiastic about the environment.  Since I climbed Broga Hill on a Saturday morning, the top had an atmospheric, community-like feel to it.  After snapping a few photos, I decided to walk up to the next peak. The number of climbers decreased with increased elevation. I liked this aspect of Broga Hill.  There are numerous tiny peaks at the top of the Hill that you can hike up based on your fitness level. There are even trails that you can take at the top of the Hill as well.

Local vendors should be ready to sell you some refreshments on your way down from Broga Hill
Local vendors should be ready to sell you some refreshments on your way down from Broga Hill

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As expected, the sunrise was well worth the energy invested to get up to the peak.  After about 45 minutes at the top, it was time to slowly make my way down to the base before the humidity and the piercing rays of the sun took their toll. Thankfully, some local vendors were selling some fresh fruits and drinks near the base of the Hill.  Therefore, if you forget to bring some refreshments, it won’t be the end of the world. Broga Hill is a worthwhile climb in peninsular Malaysia and I am quite glad that I made the decision to bring my camera along.  I have summarized some suggestions based on my experience climbing Broga Hill:

1. If you are climbing to catch the sunrise, expect it to take roughly 45 minutes to an hour to reach the first peak.  Of course, this will vary depending on your fitness level.

2. Bring a flashlight in the early morning to avoid tripping on rocks and roots along the trail.

3. If you are lucky to get to the peak on a clear morning it’s a beautiful spot to take panoramic photos of the countryside.

4. Avoid climbing Broga Hill if it is raining because it will get muddy and too slippery, especially around the steepest sections of the climb near the peak of the Hill.

5. If you are not one for big crowds climb Broga on a weekday opposed to a weekend.

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If you have any questions regarding Broga Hill please feel free to comment below.  Happy climbing!

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