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The Spectacular Fayaoué Beach and the Remote Paradise of Ouvea

When it comes to listing the best beaches in the world in terms of sheer beauty, the 22 kilometer Fayaoué Beach in Ouvéa Island could easily be on the top ranks. And yet, you hardly hear about this absolutely stunning beach mainly because of its remote location. But this is also what makes Fayaoué Beach so desirable for any beach aficionados out there.

Fayaoué Beach borders a lagoon and stretches from the Mouli Bridge to Wadrilla. Even if you think you have seen the best of the best when it comes to beaches, Fayaoué Beach has all the right features to astound you. It has the whitest, most powdery sand we’ve ever seen, and its clear turquoise water is to die for. To top it all up, the beach is adorned by clear blue skies and nice warm weather. Perhaps you might have heard the same characteristics about some of the famous Caribbean beaches before. But Fayaoué, a South Pacific beach, exudes a different personality. Here, you will experience an exotic tribal environment, miles away from the peculiarities of modern living.

The delightful powdery sand of Fayaoué Beach

The delightful powdery sand of Fayaoué Beach

Because of its length, it’s very easy to find a quiet sandy spot to relax on Fayaoué Beach. And this what most travelers who come to Ouvéa seek, finding the peace and subtle happiness provided by nature. On days when there are no cruise ship passengers around, you will find the beach almost empty. Sometimes, there are some local children around playing and swimming. They are always friendly, welcoming, and quite curious.

There are very few modern structures near the beach area. Here, your eyes and ears will NOT be distracted by a busy pier, polluting motor boats and loud jet skis. The beach remains pure and well-preserved. It is a true piece of paradise on earth; something that is so hard to find these days, and one that may not be around after a couple of decades.

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The picturesque bolders of Ouvea Atoll

The picturesque bolders of Ouvea Atoll

More about Ouvea

The crescent-like atoll of Ouvéa lies in the northernmost portion of the Loyalty Islands. This group of islands belongs to the French overseas country of New Caledonia, situated in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. Ouvéa is only 7 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers long.  On the southeast coast, you can find its administrative center and main village also called Fayaoué. The island is home to different tribes that have kept their simple and traditional lifestyle.

Ouvéa has several attractions to entice visitors. The island has interesting vanilla plantations as well as oil and soap factories.  You can go for a tour to these places as well as visit some of the traditional villages. Ouvea Atoll is part of the protected New Caledonia Lagoon, hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its surrounding waters continue to be a world-class scuba diving site because of the rich marine environment.

Ouvea has proven to be a patch of paradise on earth

Ouvea has proven to be a patch of paradise on earth

How to Get Here

Christianity has found the secluded island of Ouvea

Christianity has found the secluded island of Ouvea

Ouvéa is about a 40-minute flight from Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia. A number of tourists choose to connect internationally to Noumea, and then go for a domestic flight to the island. Most of visitors explore the island for the day and leave before sundown. Others stay in the hotels on the island, but the range of accommodation is limited.

As of the moment Ouvéa is not an ideal place for budget travelers as New Caledonia as a whole is more of an upscale vacation destination. One popular and relatively cheaper way of visiting the island is to go on a cruise ship from Australia or New Zealand. Since meals and lodging are already integrated into the price of the cruise, then you will not have to worry about budgeting.

How to find the Cheapest Rooms in Ouvea?

Like all oceanic destinations, we recommend two large accommodation providers: With these remote destinations, it can be a real headache using smaller booking sites.