How to Get to Marina Bay from Changi Airport, Singapore Using Public Transport

Ask any seasoned travelers, and they will tell you that Marina Bay is the most popular neighborhood in Singapore.

Marina Bay is the technically the name of the bay situated in the Central Area of Singapore. But when people talk about Marina Bay, they mean the development area, mainly surrounded by Waterfront Promenade that stretches out to 3.5 kilometers.

Marina Bay is widely popular because it is a modern architectural masterpiece. This landmark is home to attractions such as the Youth Olympic Park, the Merlion (symbol of Singapore), ArtScience Museum and the stunning Marina Bay Sands.

A gorgeous view of the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel

If you can only see one thing in Singapore, this is definitely the place to be! Fortunately, it is incredibly easy for any tourist to reach Marina Bay area straight from Changi Airport.

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get to Marina Bay from Changi Airport Singapore Using Public Transport:

Via Airport Shuttle

If you arrive late at night and Metro operations are done for the day, then your best transport option is taking the Airport Shuttle.

Step 1:

At the Arrival Area, proceed to the Ground transport desks. You will eventually see an Airport Shuttle stand. The airport is trying to automate the process by letting passengers use a machine.

Step 2:

At the machine, you should locate your hotel and pay your ticket. The ticket provided by the machine will instruct you on which shuttle to take.

The cost is SGD 9 for adults and SGD 6 for children under 12 years of age.

Most of the hotels in Marina Bay neighborhood and downtown are listed in the machine.


How a typical Singapore MRT Station looks like

With regards to using the train from Changi Airport Station to Marina Bay, you have a couple of options depending on which exact spot you want to be close to.

Step 1:
From the Arrival Hall, walk to the Changi Airport Station (CG2). Just follow the signs at the airport, and you will find the way.

Step 2:

Purchase your ticket from machines at the Changi Airport Station. You can buy a single ride ticket, which includes all transfers.

The cost is below SGD 2. You may also purchase a stored-value EZ-Link card, which you can top up and used to pay trains and buses in Singapore. The minimum top-up value is 10 SGD.

Step 3:

From the Changi Airport Station, take the train line that goes to Tanah Merah station (EW4 – Green line).

Step 4: Get off Tanah Merah Station, and walk to the green East West Line that goes to Tuas Link Station.

The East-West Green Line of the Singapore MRT

Step 5: Take the East-West Line and get off Bugis station (EW12/DT14).

Step 6: At Bugis station, walk to the blue Downtown Line. Board the train that goes to Expo Station.

Step 7: Get off Bayfront station (DT16).

Step 8: The Bayfront station is at the heart of Marina Bay. From here, it is only a few minute-walk to Marina Bay Sands.

Step 9: Walk from Bayfront station to Marina Bay:

Exit A of the Bayfront Station will lead you to the Gardens by the Bay.
Exit C and D will connect you to other attractions like the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (Mall).

MRT to Promenade (Alternative Train Route)

If you want to be closer to the Promenade area of Marina Bay Sands (close to the fascinating Helix Bridge), then follow the steps above.

BUT instead of getting off Bayfront Station (of the Blue Downtown Line), get off Promenade Station, which is the station after Bayfront.

The Marina Bay Sands mall.

MRT to Merlion Park (Another Train Route)

If you want to go closer to the Merlion Park, From Changi Airport, follow these steps:
Step 1: Make your way to the Changi Airport Station, take the train line that goes to Tanah Merah station (EW4 – Green line).

Step 2: Get off Tanah Merah Station, and walk to the green East-West Train line that goes to Tuas Link Station.

Step 3: Get off Raffles Place Station (served by the green East-West Train Line).

Step 4: Raffles Place Station is the closest station to the Merlion Park. From here, you can simply walk a few minutes to reach the famous Merlion Statue of Singapore.
Important Reminder:
The last MRT train leaves Changi Airport at 11:18 pm.

Getting ready to board the train ..

Via Taxi

Taxis are also available near the Arrival Halls of Changi Airport. Singapore taxis are all metered.

Flag – Down Rate (inclusive of 1st km or less) for normal taxis: SGD 3.00 to 3.40

Keep in mind that taxis coming from the Changi airport has an additional surcharge:

Changi Airport & Changi Air Freight Center
Fri- Sun: 5:00 am to midnight: SGD 5.00
All other times: SGD 3.00

But the good thing about taxis is that they’ll always available at any time – day and night. Peak hour and midnight surcharges apply at certain hours.

The costs of a trip from Changi Airport to Marina Bay is about 20 SGD or 40 SGD (depending on traffic, tolls, and other factors).

You may use this taxi fare calculator site to get estimates:

Traveler Tip:

Keep in mind that Marina Bay is a huge area. Therefore, be prepared to walk around to reach individual attractions. It can take half a day to visit all important attractions within the area but it’s definitely worth it.

So we just showed you the easy steps on how to get from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Singapore using public transport like MRT, shuttle buses, and taxis. If you have any questions, comments, and suggestions, please feel free to write something below. We would love to hear from you.

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