How to Get from Nara to Osaka

Although it is packed with attractions, Nara is a small enough city that spending a day or two there is probably enough to see the most important sites. If you still have time, consider going to Osaka, since it is only 28 kilometers from Nara. Osaka is in fact nearer to Nara than even [...]

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Dotonbori: Osaka’s Dazzling Nightlife Spot

Though it does not boast impressive temples and golden pagodas like Kyoto and Nara, Osaka distinguishes itself as a fun and exciting Japanese city and worthy travel destination, mainly because of its swinging nightlife. During the day, the city’s industrial side is more apparent, with millions of its inhabitants flocking to offices, factories and [...]

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Visiting Iconic Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle)

Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle) is one of the top sights to see if you find yourself exploring the city of Osaka. The castle is so prominent that it would be hard to find any travel guide that would not recommend a visit to this site. For a city that is well known for its explosive [...]

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