How to Get to Bur Dubai Old Souk/Textile Souk By Dubai Metro Train or Boat

The Bur Dubai Old Souk is one of the traditional souks found within the historical neighborhoods of Dubai. Often referred to as the Textile Souk or the Old Souk this traditional Arabic market is very recognizable because of its design, layout and strategic location.

Entrance to Bur Dubai Old Souk

Just within walking distance of the Dubai Creek Abra Station on the Bur Dubai side, the souk is the first attraction you will see if you are coming from a boat ride across the creek.

At first glance, the mostly covered Bur Dubai Souk looks so inviting to the eyes. It is marked by a traditional entrance that uses large wooden beams. On each side of the market are sand-colored walls divided into smaller stores with wooden doors. The stores sell all kinds of goods, including both locally made and also ones that were shipped in from all over the Middle East.

Brightly colored candles, pillows and various fabrics will easily get your attention.  The souk has a large textile collection, this is why it is also often referred to as the Textile Souk. Technically speaking, the Textile Souk is only a section of the Bur Dubai Old Souk.

Although it is a traditional Arabic Souk, Bur Dubai Old Souk is clearly an immigrant market, with a strong presence of Indian vendors.

Bur Dubai Old Souk is popular among tourists, and migrant workers

The Bur Dubai Old Souk/Textile Souk is definitely worth visiting, but how to get there?

Here are the steps on how to get to the Bur Dubai Old Souk using the Dubai Metro Train or Boat:

Step 1: Go to the nearest Dubai Metro Station to your location. The Dubai Metro Station has two lines – The Red and the Green. Depending on your station of origin, you may need to transfer lines.

Step 2:  Get on the Green Line and stop at Al Fahidi Station (Zone 5).

Step 3.  Get off Al Fahidi Station, and walk towards Bur Dubai Old Souk. This walk will take you about 10 minutes. The distance between these two locations is about 800 meters. Here is a map illustration to give you an idea:

Al Fahidi Station to Textile Souk

After you have finished sightseeing, you may walk back to Al Fahidi Metro Station to get back to your hotel.

Opening times for Bur Dubai Old Souk/Textile Souk

10:00 am to 10: 00 pm (Saturday to Thursday)
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Friday)

Getting to Bur Dubai Old Souk By Traditional Boat (Abra)

Using the Dubai Metro to get to the Textile Souk may be straightforward and convenient but it is NOT the most scenic and intriguing way to get there.

The better route, in my opinion, consists of crossing Dubai Creek using an abra.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:  Take the Dubai Metro to Deira. You can get off Al-Ras Metro Station, on the Green Line. From Al- Ras, you can walk towards the Deira Old Souk Abra Station.

Here is a map illustration to guide you:

Al Ras Metro to Deira Old Souk Abra Station

Step 2: From the Deira Old Souk Abra Station, line up with the other passengers to get on an abra.  

The dock that leads to awaiting abras going to Bur Dubai from Deira

The fare is only 1 Dirham, and this money is given to the driver, who typically sits in the center of the boat.  He will signal passengers when it’s time to pay.

Step 3:  Enjoy the view and the ride! It will only last about 6 minutes but I found the panorama of old buildings and this neighborhood of Dubai to be quite charming. Certainly, an authentic travel experience as you are going to be with immigrant workers who are using abra for their everyday grind.

The beautiful Dubai Creek with Deira in the background.

Step 4. Get off at the Bur Dubai Old Souk and Water Bus Station.

The Bur Dubai Station where the abra stops.

Step 5: From the Bur Dubai Old Souk and Water Bus Station, the Bur Dubai is just a 5-minute walk away.

Here is a map illustration to give you an idea:

Bur Dubai Abra station to Textile Souk

Attractions Near Bur Dubai Old Souk/Textile Souk:

If you are already in the market area, you’re in luck because other worthwhile Dubai attractions are just within walking distance. Some of the attractions that you may be interested in visiting include:

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Where to Stay in Dubai if you want to be closer to the historic neighborhoods?

Although the Dubai Metro connects the old neighborhoods of Dubai with its downtown core, you may also want to consider staying at a hotel in one of the old neighborhoods so you can cut down on your commuting time.

During our visit to Dubai, we did just that. We opted to stay in Deira, specifically at One Ibis Al Rigga Hotel.

It was the best hotel for our budget and One Ibis is very close to the Al Rigga Metro Station on the Green Line (only a minute or two away). Al Rigga Station is only four stops away from Al Ras Station, which is the closest train station to the Deira Old Souk Abra Station.

From Al Rigga Metro Station, you can also go take the train straight to Al Fahidi Station in Bur Dubai. So we found One Ibis Al Rigga’s location to be very convenient.

That bed feels as comfortable as it looks.

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Of course, there are also other hotels in Deira and Bur Dubai that may suit your room budget and preferences.  

And like I said, if you don’t mind the commute, you can always book a room in Downtown Dubai and just take the Dubai Metro all the way to the Bur Dubai Old Souk.

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