Island Mania: 5 Things to Do on Langkawi Island

Langkawi is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Malaysians. Although it is in close proximity to some of the Thai islands in the Southern Gulf, Langkawi does not share the same level of fame within international traveling communities. This, of course, is not a deterrent to visit the archipelago, as it offers a more relaxed and un-touristy atmosphere for most of the year.  Situated off the southern coast of Malaysia, Langkawi offers something for everyone. It has the natural attractions, a serene vibe, luscious jungles, rolling hills and rice fields to go along with world class hotels and resorts. Chasing Places presents the top 5 things to do on Langkawi Island.

5. Go Beach-Hopping 

The gorgeous Pantai-Kok
The gorgeous Pantai-Kok

Langkawi has some of the most accessible and nicest beaches in the country. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to lounge on a gorgeous white sand beach and lazily watch the day go by. Although there are some beachfront hotels and a moderate level of tourist infrastructure, they are minimal compared to what you will see in high profile Caribbean resorts. Thus, Langkawi beaches have kept their tranquility and natural charm. If you come during low season, there’s a small chance that the beach will be packed with people. Pantai (beach) Cenang has the most bars, restaurants and accommodation choices. This beach also boasts the most dramatic sunset on the island.  Other notable quieter beaches include Cenang’s neighbor, Pantai Tengah, as well as Pantai Kok, and Tanjung Rhu.

 4. Cruise Around the Island

Exploring Langkawi's landscape on a motorcycle
Exploring Langkawi’s landscape on a motorcycle

Aside from nature hikes and jungle trekking, one must-do in Langkawi is to drive around the island. The traffic here is most often quiet and mild. The roads are nice and the landscape is beautiful. These conditions make it a perfect place to drive around on a motorcycle or a car. Both types of vehicles are easily rented on the island, and the fees are relatively cheap. So, you will miss the chance to truly explore the island if you only stay in one place.

3. Go Up High on a Cable Car

Langkawi's famed Cable Car
Langkawi’s famed Cable Car

Riding the Langkawi Cable Car service to the top of the Mat Chincang Mountain is definitely one exciting activity offered in Langkawi. The cable car service is based within a shopping and tourist complex named Oriental Village. At the top of the mountain near the final stop of the cable car is the Langkawi Sky Bridge. Unfortunately, this cable supported pedestrian bridge, which hugs the mountain, remains closed for maintenance. Nevertheless going up to the viewing platforms where the cable car stops is still worth the trouble.

The nice Oriental Village
The nice Oriental Village

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2. Shop and Sightsee in Kuah

The giant Eagle at Kuah's Eagle Square
The giant Eagle at Kuah’s Eagle Square

Langkawi is bestowed the privilege of becoming a duty free center for alcohol, chocolates, perfumes and other items. The prices for the alcohol products here are considerably cheaper than in other places in Malaysia, because the country in known to impose heavy taxes on such products. Thus, one of the best things to do while in Langkawi is to shop. Although there are duty free shops scattered across the towns on the island; the main town of Kuah is where the biggest shops are concentrated. After shopping, go for a little sightseeing as the town is also home to cultural sites like the Eagle Square or Dataran Lang, Al-Hana Mosque, and the Ibrahim Hussein Museum & Cultural Foundation.

1. Explore Enchanting Waterfalls

The Seven Wells Waterfalls
The Seven Wells Waterfalls

Just less than a kilometer away from the Oriental Village, is the Seven Wells Waterfalls. The site is divided into two sets of falls. Clearly marked stone-carved stairs lead you to the lower and upper sets.  The main waterfalls are not that high, but they overlook a luscious mountainous terrain, and their water gorgeously cascades into little streams and pools guarded by massive rocks. Bathing in the pools or sitting right below the water flow while marveling at the green scenery will definitely put a smile on your face.

The Seven Wells Waterfalls
The Seven Wells Waterfalls

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Langkawi has some luxury resorts that could rival some of the nicest in Southeast Asia. Therefore, if you’re celebrating an anniversary or you’re planning your honeymoon staying at the following resorts will surely satisfy everything you’re looking for: Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, The Datai Langkawi, or The Danna Langkawi Hotel.

If you’re on a budget, however, then it’s much more difficult to find quality rooms on Langkawi.  Some quality options are there, but they tend to sell out early, especially near Pantai Cenang. Some rooms we have seen are musty whereas other are run-down. Therefore, be sure to use large booking providers that have enough guest reviews to make your decision more informative.  Here are a couple of sites that we have used over the years visiting Langkawi: This is Malaysia’s largest booking site. It has roughly 350 properties to choose from at the time of writing.  Therefore, due to its popularity you should have no problem getting an idea of what’s nice based on verified guest feedback.  Here is a link to their properties on Langkawi: Rooms on Langkawi with This is our favourite price comparison site. If you want to find the cheapest room(s) on Langkawi then you can easily save time and money using It simultaneously compares room prices from the world’s leading sites. Here is a link to their price comparison feature: Compare Room Prices on Langkawi.

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