Sample Travel Itinerary for a Short Trip to Bali, Indonesia

Some first-time visitors may not realize how big the Indonesian island of Bali is.  The island has become world famous because of its very rich culture, strong devotion to religion, tranquil countryside, dramatic coastline and free-spiritedness. You could literally spend weeks on the island and still would be surprised by it.  Because Bali is [...]

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Visit Bali’s Ubud Town for Culture, Arts and So Much More

If there’s one description fitting for Bali’s Ubud, it would be culturally rich. Located in the northern section of the Indonesian Island, Ubud is isolated from beaches that often define a Bali vacation.  Despite this, Ubud is holding on as a fascinating travel destination even without the sand and ocean water. Even though there [...]

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Top Reasons Why Bali’s Ubud will Captivate You

People visit tourist destinations for different reasons. If you happen to make your way to Bali’s Ubud because you have heard or read so many rave reviews about this northern town we can’t blame you. However, if you decide to come to Ubud with a skeptical mind and unsure about why so many visitors [...]

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Why Kuta is Bali’s Rebel Child?

The Indonesian island of Bali has gained world recognition for its rich culture, intense devotion to religion, gorgeous landscape and stunning beaches. Over many decades, the Indonesian Island has also become the destination for souls who want to relax, reflect about life and do yoga retreats. Thus, luxurious resorts and retreat complexes have been [...]

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Cliff Magic: Ulu Watu, Bali, Indonesia

World Famous Bali: It would be hard to find a tourist from pretty much anywhere around the world that hasn’t heard of Bali, Indonesia. This is due to several reasons. The laid back Balinese culture, for one, has been luring foreigners seeking serenity and relaxation for years. The combination of this laid back vibe [...]

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How to Get the Cheapest Flights with Air Asia’s BIG Sales

The budget carrier, Air Asia, has one of the strongest reputations among South East Asia’s low cost airlines. This can be attributed to many factors including a reliable safety history, convenient flight connections, extremely competitive fares and innovative marketing strategies. A couple of times per year Air Asia will send out notifications on their [...]

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Bali’s Graceful Geger Beach

Kuta, Seminyak and Nusa Dua have one major thing in common: they are seen as some of the most popular tourist beaches in Bali, Indonesia.  Although they do have a lot to offer in terms of beach activities, world class resorts and general convenience, they neither have the nicest sand nor the clearest [...]

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The 3 Nicest “Touristy” Beaches in South East Asia

The diversity and accessibility of beach getaways in South East Asia is truly remarkable.  This can be partially attributed to the crowded skies which are filled with multiple budget airlines (Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar, Zest Air, Malindo Air, Tiger Airways and Lion Air etc.) competing in a saturated market. Passengers, however, are not [...]

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