Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist: Do you have everything you need? Find the Cheapest Flight to your Destination Book Your Ideal Hotel: or Travel Safely, Get Travel Insurance Rent a Car: Not all places have good public transport Find the World’s Best Bus Tours Use the best travel guides: Lonely Planet [...]

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Find Cheapest Flights

How to find the world's cheapest Flights? Our Strategy. It takes a lot of practice to be skillful at something you are passionate about. Travelling is no exception.  Finding the cheapest flights around the world, not only enables people around the world to travel more, but is also conserves travel 'cash flow' which allows us to ‘experience more’ once [...]

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Train Tickets and Rail Passes

Whether you plan to visit Europe, Japan, the United States or another country offering rail passes it takes some serious time and effort to determine whether or not it is practical and economical to purchase individual train tickets for every journey opposed to an official pass. Rail Passes for Frequent Travel Based on our [...]

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10 Ways to Get the Cheapest Flight Tickets

Have you ever booked an online flight ticket only to hear from someone else a few days later that they purchased a seat for the same flight but much cheaper? So how do you get the cheapest flight tickets after all? I think these are hard questions to answer.  There are so many variables [...]

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10 Rewarding Ways to Keep your Travel Experiences Fresh and Exciting

10. Become spontaneous and book a trip with no planning. There is something really empowering and exciting about being impulsive.  Instead of reading for months about a specific country or destination, rely on your senses and become part of local culture while you are there.  This way, preconceived notions won’t influence your perception of [...]

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Fascinating Dining Norms in Southeast Asia

One of the best things about traveling in Southeast Asia is the strong presence of distinct cultures. Norms passed down from one generation to another are still very much evident in many Southeast Asian societies. Although the bigger cities in the region have obvious modern western influences, the local culture is still conspicuous in [...]

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10 Ways to Save Big Money while Backpacking

10. Book your flights way in advance. Budget airlines like Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airlines love to release ridiculously cheap fares over a year before their scheduled departure times.  If you choose to book only a week or two before your intended date of travel, be prepared to shell out big time [...]

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Is This The Nicest Beach? 5 Factors that Define Beach Beauty

One of the most interesting things about travelling is discussing previous travel stories with other travelers. Sure the “doing” portion of a trip is always super fun, but don’t you just love debating over and comparing your preferences and memories with other tourists that have seen and accomplished similar things? Debating the nicest beaches [...]

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3 Unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is committed to protecting and restoring the historic treasures of the past. At the moment there are 759 cultural sites on their famous heritage list. Whether you are planning your first trip to South East Asia or returning for another adventure, consider checking out these [...]

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2 Innovative Techniques to Save Time on a Motorcycle

One of the rewarding things about travelling around the world is observing how different people from different cultures prioritize their own time.  For some people tasks such as wood carving and gardening are meaningful experiences where often minutes turn into hours.  For others, however, outdoor activities are simply a painstaking experience that [...]

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The 3 Nicest “Touristy” Beaches in South East Asia

The diversity and accessibility of beach getaways in South East Asia is truly remarkable.  This can be partially attributed to the crowded skies which are filled with multiple budget airlines (Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar, Zest Air, Malindo Air, Tiger Airways and Lion Air etc.) competing in a saturated market. Passengers, however, are not [...]

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