How to Get to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto Using the Train

Who knew thousands of bamboos covering a pathway could be so atmospheric if not poetic? But this is exactly what Arashiyama Bamboo Grove actually offers visitors. While in Kyoto, don’t miss out the opportunity of visiting the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove! Even painters come here to capture its beauty. Majestic Bamboo Grove, not to [...]

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How to Get From Kyoto to Kanazawa using the Japan Rail Pass

Although it is often compared to Kyoto, Kanazawa does not enjoy the same popularity as its big sister However if you can easily access Kanazawa, Chasing Places asserts that this city fondly called “Little Kyoto” is definitely worth visiting. The good thing about traveling between Kanazawa and Kyoto is that they are well connected [...]

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How to Get from Tokyo to Kyoto

It’s a fact that hundreds of flights land in Tokyo every day. This is not surprising as the city is not only the transport hub but the capital of Japan. Aside from being the landing city, there are many reasons why any tourist should explore Tokyo. The Japanese capital has a great mixture of [...]

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How to Get From Kyoto to Kobe?

For many people visiting Japan, Kyoto makes an easy choice for their first destination. The city is Japan’s most famous cultural and historical hub.  Shrines, temples, cobblestone streets, a bamboo forest, and geisha heritage await you in Kyoto. Did I mention temples? They’re everywhere! But if you have time to visit other places in [...]

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How to Get from Kyoto to Nara?

If you’re already in Kyoto and you have several days to spend, why not go for a road trip to Nara, another impressive ancient city in Japan? Nara is home to many majestic temples, including Todai-ji Temple, which houses the Diabutsu (Great Buddha), the biggest of its kind in Japan. Only 25 kilometers south [...]

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Gion and the Truth about Geishas

If you spent the majority of your time, temple-hopping in historical Kyoto, perhaps it’s time to take a break from these religious buildings, and hit the streets. And if those streets happen to be in Gion, you will not be far removed from the rich history that Kyoto has been famous for. Sitting on [...]

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Top Places to See in Historical Kyoto

Aside from the capital Tokyo, Kyoto is one of the most popular cities in Japan. Kyoto enjoys its world-renowned fame due to the sheer number of historical and cultural sites it possesses.   Kyoto has some of the best Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in the country, with a large number of them declared as [...]

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