10 Fun Things to Do on Sentosa Island

A former military island, Sentosa has emerged into a hub for leisure and entertainment in Singapore.  Aside from attracting tourists, Sentosa is also well-loved by locals who want to relax and enjoy their weekends and holidays. Sentosa Island is the perfect destination for visiting families as a number of its attractions cater to kids [...]

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7 Ways to Save Money While in Singapore

With its amazing modern architecture, world-class transportation system and ingenious approach to business, commerce and tourism; Singapore sets itself apart from other countries in Southeast Asia. It is without doubt a first-world (developed) country in a region that has yet to reach its full potential. This tiny island is a true testament to how [...]

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Top Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is regarded by many as one of the nicest modern cities in the world.  We couldn’t agree more with this common opinion. We also know first-hand that it is one of the most expensive cities as well.  This makes selecting the right hotel or guesthouse in Singapore a challenging task especially if you [...]

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Getting to Know the Quays of Singapore

For decades, the Singapore River has played an important role in Singapore’s thriving trading industry. In the 21st century, the river acts more like a scenic boundary that separates the country’s Colonial District from the Central Business District. If you look at the iconic Singapore River today, it’s so hard to imagine that it [...]

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Top Places to See in Kampong Glam, Singapore

Kampong Glam is the center for Malay culture and Islamic Heritage in Singapore. For Chasing Places, this neighborhood is a must-visit for tourists as it is one of the most culturally-rich attractions in this small Southeast Asian nation.   And when you have finally made your way to the enigmatic neighborhood of Kampong Glam, here [...]

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Discovering Kampong Glam, Singapore

When people think about the dominant race in Singapore, they immediately think of the Chinese. And although this is true, what many people may be unaware of is that the country also has a strong and proud Malay population. And the center of commercial and religious activities for the Malay community in Singapore is [...]

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Partying it up at Clarke Quay, Singapore

So you find yourself having a night to spend in Singapore. And it’s too early to go to bed, and what you really want is to paint the town red or do something that involves drinking alcohol and having a grand time. Then, there’s no doubt in my mind that one of the best [...]

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Get to Know the Beaches on Sentosa Island

The huge Resorts World Hotel and Theme Park, which also encompasses the Universal Studios complex, may arguably be the crowning glory of Sentosa Island; but there are other reasons why visitors to Singapore would absolutely love a visit to this former British military island. And one of these reasons is Sentosa’s beaches. Before I [...]

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How to Get to Sentosa Island Via Public Transport

If you look at Sentosa Island today, you probably won’t believe that Singapore’s prized island resort was once a failed military fortress built by the British in the 1800’s. Good thing that the island did not remain that way, and Sentosa has now become one of the impressive modern products of that famous ‘Singaporean [...]

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Exploring Singapore’s Chinatown

Bustling markets, narrow streets and delicious hawker food immediately come to mind when I hear the word “Chinatown.” Before, I visited Singapore’s Chinatown I wondered if this super clean and organized city would dare to have a district so distinct from the rest? Conveniently accessible from my hotel in Clark Quay via MRT, Singapore’s [...]

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Sparkling Singapore at Night

Singapore is one of those cities that tends to leave a lasting impression. To be honest, during all of my travels I don’t know if I can think of a single city that gets such polar reviews from its visitors. It’s hard to ignore Singapore’s undeniably beautiful harbour area. An area that looks purposely [...]

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Where is the Best Spot to Stay in Singapore?

So you have decided to go to Singapore - the business and commercial powerhouse of Asia. You want to see its famous skyline and ultra-modern infrastructure. You would like to know what makes this small country so great! All this excitement eventually provoked you to book your flights.  And everything is good and ready [...]

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